MOSFETs: energy use and power loss calculator?

…misfire. Hence MOSFETs and IGBTs are driven by voltage. MOSFETs were invented at Bell Labs in 1959 and are now the most used power semiconductor device in the world. Something…

Power-MOSFETs: leading companies?

Companies making power MOSFETs

…companies making power MOSFETs, especially new and higher-efficiency devices using Silicon Carbide as the semiconductor. $499.00 – Purchase Checkout Added to cart This data-file screens companies making power-MOSFETs, especially silicon carbide MOSFETs

Silicon carbide: production costs?

Silicon carbide production costs

…CO2, and the other 50% comes via 6MWH/ton of electricity use. Silicon carbide can also be made into semiconductor wafers, underpinning MOSFETs with low resistances, high switching frequencies, and increasing…

DC-DC power converters: efficiency calculations?

DC-DC power converters efficiency

…the MPPT in solar, to wind turbines, to charging and discharging batteries, such as in electric vehicles. DC-DC converters invariably contain one or more MOSFETs, diodes, inductors and capacitors. Think…

Solar inverters: companies, products and costs?

…modules in an AC waveform that can be transmitted across power grids or used in electronic devices. This is achieved via pulse width modulation (explained here) using IGBTs and MOSFETs

Thermodynamics of prime movers: energy from first principles?

…the underlying theory of semiconductors, you will find it deeply uncomfortable to bet against the long-run rise of semiconductors. Electric motors are also…

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