Cement costs and energy economics?

Cement costs and energy economics

This data-file captures cement costs, based on inputs, capex and energy economics. A typical cement plant requires a cement price of $130/ton for a 10% IRR, on capex costs of…

CO2-Cured Concrete: Solidia vs traditional cement?

Solidia CO2-cured concrete

…traditional concrete, yielding exceptional IRRs. An interesting side-note is that producing cement is not particularly CO2 intensive. Around 1 ton of CO2 is usually emitted per ton of cement. This…

Cross laminated timber: costs and economics?

Economic costs of producing cross laminated timber to decarbonize construction

…readily used construction material amidst the energy transition, with sufficient strength to build 40-80 story skyscrapers, yet 80% lower CO2 intensity than walls comprising steel and cement, while also providing…

CO2 capture: a cost curve?

CO2 capture cost curve

…that are simply being vented at present, such as from the ethanol or LNG industries, but the ultimate running-room from this opportunity set is <200MTpa. Blue hydrogen, steel and cement

Hot potassium carbonate CCS: energy economics?

Potassium carbonate CCS

Hot potassium carbonate is a post-combustion CCS technology that bypasses the degradation issues of amines, and can help to decarbonize power, BECCS and cement plants. We think costs are around…

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