Prysmian: power cable technology breakthroughs?

Prysmian power cable technology

…in 50 countries. But can we find a Prysmian power cable technology ‘moat’, or de-risk future project delivery by reviewing Prysmian’s recent patents? $449.00 – Purchase Checkout Added to cart We are…

Energy intensity of fiber optic cables?

Energy intensity of fiber optic cables

…example, ‘dense wavelength division multiplexing’ (DWDM) can carry 80-100 different frequencies through the same optical fiber (different colors). The signals can later be de-multiplexed. Prysmian notes a typical fiber optic…

HVDC power transmission: the economics?

HVDC costs

…our broader research, including an overview of power transmission,  an adjacent opportunity in STATCOMs, a screen of leading HVDC companies, a patent review for Prysmian, project parameters for Chinese HVDCs,…

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