Blue steel: construction boom?

DRI+EAF steel

…of CO2 per ton of finished steel (model here) (page 5). Technological maturity is another factor. DRI+EAF is an alternate steel-making pathway, which already underpins 120MTpa of global steel production….

Global steel supply-demand model?

Global steel demand

Global steel supply-demand runs at 2GTpa in 2023, having doubled since 2003. Our best estimate is that steel demand rises another 80%, to 3.6GTpa by 2050, including due to the…

Steel production: costs and energy economics?

Economics steel production blast furnace

This data-file captures steel production costs and CO2 intensities in an integrated blast furnace and basic oxygen furnace steelworks, as underpins 70% of today’s 2GTpa global steel output. Our base…

Green steel: circular reference?

green steel

Steel explains almost c10% of global CO2. Hence 2021 has seen the world’s first ‘green steel’ made using green hydrogen. Yet inflation worries us. At $7.5/kg H2, green steel would…

Blue steel: construction boom?

DRI+EAF steel

The DRI+EAF pathway already underpins 6% of global steel output, with 50% lower CO2 than blast furnaces. But could IRA incentives encourage another boom here? Blue hydrogen can reduce CO2…

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