LNG transport: shipping economics?

LNG shipping costs

The purpose of this data-file is to model the economics of shipping large cryogenic cargoes, such as LNG carriers or even dual-purpose vessels that can carry both LNG and CO2….

LNG shipping: company screen?

LNG shipping companies

This data-file is a screen of LNG shipping companies, quantifying who has the largest fleet of LNG carriers and the cleanest fleet of LNG carriers (i.e., low CO2 intensity). Many…

LNG as a Shipping Fuel: the Economics

LNG as a Shipping Fuel

LNG (b) small-scale LNG and (c) LNG bunkering, to supply a relatively fuel-intensive shipping route. After IMO 2020 regulations buoy diesel pricing, it should be economical to fuel newbuild ships…

The Ascent of Small Scale LNG?

Ascent of Small Scale LNG

Large LNG projects make large headlines. But we are excited by the ascent of smaller-scale LNG. At <1MTpa each, these facilities can be harder to track, which is the objective…

Greenfield LNG: Does Exxon have an edge?

…ExxonMobil has leading LNG technology for extra-large trains using the APX process, modular LNG units that minimise on-site construction costs, pressure-swing absorption to remove gas-contaminants and efficient gas turbines. Opportunities…

Shell: the future of LNG plants?

Shell LNG Pipeline

Shell is revolutionizing LNG project design, based on reviewing 40 of the company’s gas-focused patents from 2019. The innovations can lower LNG facilities’ capex by 70% and opex by 50%;…

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