The Ascent of LNG?

LNG demand the bull case

…that is required. Please download our risked, LNG supply model to see our scenarios, and the LNG projects included. LNG technology could thus unlock incremental LNG facilities. We are most…

LNG: top conclusions in the energy transition?

LNG in the energy transition

…opportunities in LNG in transport, smaller-scale LNG, LNG-fueled trucks, LNG-fueled ships, eliminating methane slip, LNG fuelling stations, small fixed LNG plants, floating LNG plants. There are some interesting concepts, especially…

LNG liquefaction technologies: an overview?

LNG liquefaction technologies

…for LNG in transport. How does FLNG differ? Space aboard an FLNG will always be at a premium. This favors more compact equipment. Lower exclusion distances might also confine the…

How do LNG costs vary with plant size?

LNG Opex versus Plant Size

…gas production, gas processing, pipeline transportation, LNG liquefaction, LNG shipping and LNG regasification. Another good way to understand the relative differences between the costs of LNG plants is looking in…

LNG liquefaction: the economics?

LNG Project Economics

…price, Capex/tpa, Opex/mcf, Utilization, Thermal Efficiency, LNG shipping distance, LNG tanker rates, and liquids cuts. LNG project capex is modeled in detail, built up across 5 x 10 categories, averaging…

LNG transport: shipping economics?

LNG shipping costs

The purpose of this data-file is to model the economics of shipping large cryogenic cargoes, such as LNG carriers or even dual-purpose vessels that can carry both LNG and CO2….

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