Energy transition: three reflections on 2023?

…publications. Examples below. The second self-reflection is a distinction, between predictions and normative aspirations. Honestly, I think one of the reasons I did not push harder on…

Energy market volatility: climate change?

Wind and solar produce power intermittently. As they ramp to provide higher shares of total grid power, they will also increase the magnitude low likelihood volatility events. This will increase the overall volatility of global energy markets.

…+/- 3-5% each year, while wind and solar will ramp from 5.5% to 30% of all global energy. Rising volatility can be a kingmaker for midstream companies? What other implications?…

Email deliverability: who broke the internet?

…most important and actionable research we have published over the past five years. In case you missed it, the three most important research notes are copied below.…

Seebeck Effect: are thermoelectrics the next solar?

Illustration of the Seebeck effect and the generation of power from heat.

…into clean electricity. Hence can thermoelectric semiconductors follow the same path, converting heat into electricity with no moving parts? This 14-page report reviews the opportunity, challenges, efficiency, costs and companies….

Renewables plus batteries: co-deployments over time?

…will be deployed per MW of renewables capacity, comprising a mixture of standalone renewables projects and renewables projects that are co-developed with batteries. And there could be upside? Companies that…

European gas: anatomy of an energy crisis?

European gas demand across residential heat, commercial heat, electricity and a dozen industries.

…traders, midstream companies and load-shifters (note below). Heating comprises 40% of Europe’s gas demand, of which 24pp is residential, 11pp is commercial, 3pp is heat/steam sold from power plants…

Bottlenecked grids: winners and losers?

…bottlenecks, with long delays to interconnect new loads? Everything changes. Hence this 16-page report looks across the energy and industrial landscape, to rank the implications across different sectors and companies….

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