Video: how to risk early stage technologies?

How to risk early stage technologies? We are starting a new strand of research, evaluating the specific energy technologies of specific early-stage companies, to help drive the energy transition. This matters to stress-test our roadmap to net zero, and as increasing numbers of early-stage new energy companies are crossing the screens of decision-makers.

This video lays out our rationale, the key risks for new technologies, and our new methodology, which draws on two years of patent learnings.

Our approach is to read the main patent filings from early-stage technology companies, to glean how their technology works. Then we score the company’s core patent library on the dimensions of problem specificity, solution specificity, intelligibility, focus and manufacturing.

One of our written research report covers in more detail how we developed this framework, for de-risking technologies based on their patents. Or at least that is one aspect. We are also drawing on having our learnings from 15-years in the energy industry, and 4-years specifically diligencing the technologies of earlier-stage energy companies.

These screens are now available via the ‘Breakthrough Technologies‘ section of the TSE insights page. Please contact us if there are specific companies you would like us to assess via our usual framwork, to help you risk early stage technologies.

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