Energy transition: five reflections after 3.5 years?

This video covers our top five reflections after 3.5 years, running a research firm focused on energy transition, and since Thunder Said Energy was founded in early 2019.

(1) Inter-connectedness. Value chains are so inter-connected that ultimately costs will determine the winning transition technologies.

(2) Humility. The complexity is so high that the more we have learned, the stupider we feel.

(3) Value in nuances. As a result, there is value in the nuances, which are increasingly interesting to draw out.

(4) ‘Will not should’. Bottlenecks need to be de-bottlenecked as some policy-makers have inadvertently adopted the “worst negotiating strategy in the world”.

(5) Bottom-up opportunities. And finally, we think energy transition and value will be driven by looking for bottom-up opportunities in a consistent framework.

For more perspectives on live, the universe, and everything, please see this video on our top perspectives on the energy transition from the first 2-years since setting up TSE.

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