China Energy Demand and CO2 Emissions, 2000-2060

China energy model

This data-file is our China Energy Model and CO2 Model, disaggregating China’s energy demand by industry, across coal, oil, gas, wind, solar, hydro and nuclear, across c200 lines, from 2000-2060,…

China’s Shale Challenge?

china shale production challenges

China’s future gas production, and thus its need for LNG imports, depends heavily on its prospects in shale: Technically recoverable resources have been assessed at a vast 31.6TCM by the…

China: can the factory of the world decarbonize?

Decarbonization of China's economy?

China now aspires to reach ‘net zero’ CO2 by 2060. But is this compatible with growing an industrial economy and attaining Western living standards? The best middle ground that balances…

All the coal in China: our top ten charts?

China's coal industry

China ramp its coal to cure energy shortages, especially as Europe bids harder for renewables and LNG post-Russia? Today’s note presents our ‘top ten’ charts on China’s opaque coal industry….

Global patent filings: by region, by industry, over time?

Global patent filings

…6% are construction related (chart below). Breakdown-of-Global-Patent-Filings-by-Major-Industry-Over-Time The rise of China as an industrial power is truly staggering. Patent filings in China reached 6M in 2021, which was 79% of…

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