Wind and solar capacity additions?

…which matters for solar module manufacturers and along the solar supply chain. Our numbers can be stress-tested in the ‘SolarShareForecasts’ tab. Total new wind capacity growth is seen accelerating more…

Solar: energy payback and embedded energy?

Energy payback of solar

…(in kWh/kW). Our base case estimate is 2.5 MWH/kWe of solar. The average energy payback of solar is 1.5-years. Numbers and sensitivities can be stress-tested in the data-file. $499.00 – Purchase Checkout…

First Solar: thin film solar breakthrough?

First Solar technology review

First Solar Technology Review. This patent screenbreaks down First Solar technology efficiency. First Solar:  a solar panel manufacturer, listed in the US, founded in 1999, employing 6,400 people. It has…

Solar costs: a breakdown over time?

Solar costs have deflated by 75% in the past decade to around $1,000/kW. 60% has been the scale-up to mass manufacturing, and 40% has been rising efficiency of solar modules….

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