Leading companies in super-alloys?

This data-file is a screen of leading companies in super-alloys, covering US pure-plays, mega-caps in industrials and defence, and emerging world producers of Rare Earth metals.

In each case, we have noted the size of the company (employees, revenues) and notes that seemed relevant and interesting to us.

One of the largest names in super-alloys is Special Metals, which owns the brand name Inconel, and is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. For example, Inconel X-750 was used in NASA’s Saturn V rocket engines.

Other companies include a listed US manufacturer of super-alloys and a listed US manufacturer of super-alloy components. Both sell mostly into aerospace and defence (45% and 70% of revenues, respectively).

We have also aggregated data into the recipients of ARPA funding to develop super-alloys for next-gen gas turbines, which will boost maximum turbine inlet temperatures from 1,600C to 1,800C, which would improve turbine efficiency by as much as 5pp. More than half of these awardees are using AI methods and/or niobium alloying.

The data-file does not include producers of nickel, a crucial input for high-grade alloys and super-alloys, as nickel producers are instead captured here. Or producers of high-grade steels or gas turbines. Materials properties of super-alloys are tabulated here.

The screen of leading companies in super-alloys does include niobium producers, where the market is dominated by just three producers: CBMM, Magris and China Molybdenum.

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