Renewables: can they ramp up faster?

Bottlenecks on renewable capacity

…ten bottlenecks that set the ‘upper limit’ on renewables’ capacity additions. Seven value chains will tighten enormously in the coming years. Paradoxically, however, ramping renewables could exacerbate near-term energy shortages….

Ramping Renewables: Portfolio Perspectives?

optimal portfolios transitioning to renewables.

It is often said that Oil Majors should transition to renewables and become Energy Majors. But what is the best balance based on modern portfolio theory? Our 7-page paper answers…

Back-stopping renewables: the nuclear option?

Nuclear power can backstop renewables

Nuclear power can backstop much volatility in renewables-heavy grids, for costs of 15-25c/kWh. This is at least 70% less costly than large batteries or green hydrogen, but could see less…

A new case for gas: what if renewables get overbuilt?

what if renewables get overbuilt

Overbuilding renewables may have unintended consequences, making power grids more expensive and less reliable. Hence more businesses may choose to generate their own power behind the meter, installing combined heat…

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