Decarbonizing global energy: the route to net zero?

Decarbonizing global energy

…$40/ton of CO2, with an upper bound of $120/ton, but this masks material mix-shifts. New opportunities are largest in efficiency gains, under-supplied commodities, power-electronics, conventional CCUS and nature-based CO2 removals….

Wind turbines: screen of resin and polymer specialists?

wind turbine resin companies are covered in this screen of resin and polymer specialists

…transition sees captures wind turbine capex costs, wind opex costs, wind EROEI, materials intensity, upscaling towards larger turbines, downstream implications for power grids, and other companies across the supply chain….

Electric vehicles: chargers of the light brigade?

economics of EV charging stations

This 14-page note compares the economics of EV charging stations with conventional fuel retail stations. They are fundamentally different. Our main question is whether EV chargers will ultimately get over-built,…

Russia conflict: pain and suffering?

Russia's conflict implications in energy markets

…an overview of economic ratios from different models across conventional power, renewables, conventional fuels, lower-carbon fuels, manufacturing processes, infrastructure, transportation and nature-based solutions, please see our article here. $199.00 – Purchase Checkout…

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