Power electronics: market size in energy transition?

power electronics market

The purpose of this data-file is to summarize the main challenges in power electronics, products offering solutions, and how their deployment will evolve amidst the ramp-up of renewables and electrification….

SolarEdge: solar-electronics breakthrough?

solaredge electronics

…optimization and power-filtering using advanced electronics, to improve the longevity of solar and battery systems. Often this involves inverter/electronics technology replacing conventional/physical power-management equipment. The patent library scored relatively well…

Power functions: how would gas shortages change the cost curve?

how would gas shortages change the cost curve

…renewable assets, their underlying components, and power-electronics companies (some examples are profiled below). However, it is not necessarily great news for consumers, fore-suffering higher energy prices. https://thundersaidenergy.com/downloads/variable-frequency-drives-leading-companies/ https://thundersaidenergy.com/downloads/solar-inverters-products-costs-and-companies/ https://thundersaidenergy.com/downloads/shoals-solar-electronic-breakthrough/ https://thundersaidenergy.com/downloads/siemens-gamesa-giant-wind-turbine-breakthroughs/…

Shoals: solar-electronic breakthrough?

Shoals Solar Patents

…includes plug-and-play electrical   connections, guards to secure those connections, accomodating one fuse and more electronics per panel  rather than shared across many panels, and discconnect mechanisms that facilitate maintenance. Full…

Power grids: opportunities in the energy transition?

power grid opportunities in the energy transition

This article summarizes our conclusions into power grids and power electronics, across all of Thunder Said Energy’s research. Where are the best power grid opportunities in the energy transition? Power…

Eaton: breakdown of revenues by product category?

Eaton revenue breakdown

…energy systems. Eaton is increasingly focused on Power Electronics. Eaton’s revenue has shifted from 40% power-electronics in 2011-12 to 75% power-electronics in 2022 (chart below), especially after the company sold…

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