Energy transition: key conclusions from 1Q24?

This 11-page note summarizes the key conclusions from our energy transition research in 1Q24 and across 1,400 companies that have crossed our screens since 2019. Volatility is rising. Power grids are bottlenecked. Hence what stands out in capital goods, clean-tech, solar, gas value chains and materials? And what is most overlooked?

1,400 companies have been mentioned 3,000 times in our research since 2019, and our energy transition research now includes over 1,300 research notes, data-files and models.

Hence we want to do a better job of summarizing key conclusions, for busy decision-makers, in a regular and concise format (see pages 2-3).

The two key themes from our energy transition research in 1Q24 are rising volatility in global energy markets and rising bottlenecks in the power grid. The implications are summarized on pages 4-5.

The biggest focuses in our energy transition research in 1Q24 have been across the solar supply chain and gas value chains, and where could consensus be wrong? (pages 6-7)

The most overlooked theme in the energy transition is discussed on page 8, and centers on materials value chains.

Specific companies where we have reviewed product offerings or patent libraries in 1Q24 are reviewed on page 9.

The most mentioned companies in our research in 1Q24, and from 2019-2024 more broadly, are discussed (including some specific profiles) on pages 10-11.

The downside of a concise, 11-page report, is that it cannot possibly do justice to the depth and complexity of these topics. A TSE subscription covers access to all of the underlying research and data.

We are also delighted to elaborate on our energy transition conclusions from 1Q24, and discuss them with TSE clients, either over email or over a call.

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