Hydrogen: overview and conclusions?

Hydrogen best opportunities?

The best opportunities for hydrogen in the energy transition will be to decarbonize gas at source via blue and turquoise hydrogen, displacing ‘black hydrogen’ that currently comes from coal, and…

Hydrogen peroxide: production costs?

Hydrogen peroxide production costs

hydrogen conversion and selectivity). Our estimates into hydrogen consumption of hydrogen peroxide production are tabulated in the data-file. The CO2 intensity of hydrogen peroxide production is 3 tons/ton, as our…

Bright green hydrogen from biomass gasification?

…Biomass gasification adds to our list of hydrogen technologies, from black hydrogen, grey hydrogen, SMR blue hydrogen, ATR blue hydrogen, turquoise hydrogen, MIRALON process, chemical looping combustion, and green hydrogen….

Topsoe: autothermal reforming technology?

Topsoe autothermal reforming

…reforming technology, for the production of blue hydrogen, which matters increasingly as blue ammonia and blue steel value chains start booming in the US. Topsoe’s ATR design, called SynCor, has…

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