Copper: the economics?

…cast into anodes for electrochemical refining, yielding copper cathodes with 99.99% purity. Copper cathode is one of the most traded metals on Earth, underpinning the LME copper contract, as pure…

Copper companies: a screen of leading producers?

Screen of copper producers

…average company produces around 0.8MTpa of copper, has a 30 year reserve life, and derives 30% of its EBITDA from copper. Global copper demand rises from 30MTpa in 2023 to 42MTpa by…

Copper: global demand forecasts?

Global copper demand in the energy transition

Copper Council. Copper demand intensity factors. Copper use in wind, copper use in solar, copper use in electric vehicles and copper use in power grids — transmission and distribution —…

Jetti Resources: copper leaching breakthrough?

Jetti resources technology review

…technology extracts copper from low-grade sulfides, which make up 70% of the world’s copper resources, worth $20trn, such as chalcopyrite, the most common copper mineral ore. However, these challenging ores…

Power cables: how much aluminium and copper?

Power cables aluminium and copper

…costing $800 in 2019-20 terms and emitting 5 tons of CO2; rising to $1,600 amidst the energy transition, after including attempts to lower the CO2 intensity of copper production. Copper

Aurubis: copper recycling breakthrough?

Aurubis technology review

Aurubis Technology Review. Aurubis recycles scrap metals and concentrates into high-purity products, mostly copper products. The company is listed in Germany, has 7,200 employees and revenues of €16bn in 2021, …

Bioleaching: case studies and examples?

Bioleaching case studies

…(CuS) and other easily leached minerals. Historically, these higher recovery rates have also been achieved on low-grade copper resources, averaging 0.5% copper, and sometimes as low as 0.3%. Conversely, chalcopyrites…

Recycling: a global overview of energy savings?

Global recycling energy savings

…by Hindalco. Copper recycling has mixed numbers. In absolute terms, around one-third of the world’s 28MTpa copper demand comes from secondary sources. And, secondary production saves c75% of the energy…

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