DAC companies: direct air capture screen?

DAC companies

Leading direct air capture companies (DAC companies) are assessed in this data-file, aggregating company disclosures, project disclosures and other data from patents and technical papers. The landscape is evolving particularly…

Transformer market: companies and costs?

costs of grid-scale transformer industry

…market, split between large capital goods companies, emerging Chinese companies and pure-plays. The space is also competitive. Leading players include capital goods conglomerates such as ABB, Siemens, GE, Schneider, which…

HVDC transmission: leading companies?

Leading companies in HVDC

…In other words, the space is relatively concentrated across this small group of companies, although the companies are themselves relatively un-concentrated, with just c30% of the average one’s revenues coming…

STATCOMs and SVCs: leading companies?

leading companies in STATCOMs and SVCs

…Overall, the space is concentrated, with only a handful of companies have a diversified product offering here. Two pure-play Capital goods companies stand out as the leaders. A third Western…

Indium producers: companies and market outlook?

Indium producers

…HJT solar cells and digital devices. 60% of global supply is produced by 20 Chinese companies. But five listed materials companies in Europe, Canada, Japan and Korea also stand out….

Thermal energy storage: leading companies?

This data-file is a screen of thermal energy storage companies, developing systems that can absorb excess renewable electricity, heat up a storage medium, and then re-release the heat later, for…

Leading Companies in Redox Flow Batteries

Companies in Redox Flow Batteries

We have compiled a database of 25 leading companies in Redox Flow Batteries, starting by looking across 1,237 patents filed about the technology since 2017 (all patents are summarized in…

Leading Companies in Pipeline Gas Technology?

leading companies in pipeline gas

This data-file tracks over 800 ex-China patents for the pipeline transportation of natural gas, filed from 2010 to 2019. The aim is to screen for exciting technologies and companies with…

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