HVDC transmission: leading companies?

Leading companies in HVDC

…to the grid or run a typical HVDC inter-connection line, including underground HVDC cabling that weighs 35kg/meter, plus associated, switchgear, power electronics, ancillary equipment and EPCI. This data-file reviews the…

FACTS: costs of STATCOMs and SVCs?

Costs of Statcoms and SVCs

…to the 400kV busbars onshore to dampen high frequency harmonics. All of this illustrates that modern wind projects are using larger and increasingly sophisticated power electronics, where smaller and earlier…

Levelized cost: ten things I hate about you?

Challenges for levelized cost analysis

…source usually ranges from 5-15c/kWh. A resilient, low-carbon grid is diversified. And there is hidden value in materials, power quality and electronics. These ideas are explored in our 15-page note….

Electrification: the rings of power?

Electrification in the energy transition

…of total useful energy today to 60% by 2050. Within the next decade, this adds $2trn to the enterprise value of capital goods companies in power grids and power electronics….

Silver demand: upside and substitution?

Solar contacts silver and copper

…which two-thirds is used in industry, and one-third is used in jewellery, silver and stores of financial/investment value. 12kTpa is used in electrical equipment and electronics, of which up to…

Power grids: global investment?

global investment in power grids

…made by customers, such as in switchgear, power electronics and amperage upgrades. The model can be downloaded to stress-test simple numbers, inputs and outputs. Please contact us know if the…

Solar volatility: tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies?

short-term volatility of solar

…the energy transition. But how can industrial processes truly be ‘powered by solar’? Buffering the volatility creates opportunities for gas and nuclear back-ups, inter-connectors, supercapacitors, smart energy and power electronics?…

Energy Transition Technologies?

Top Technologies for Energy Transition

…vehicles, electrification, power-electronics, advanced materials, advanced manufacturing), switching coal to gas and LNG (50-60% lower CO2 per MWH), carbon capture and storage (CCS, blue hydrogen, CO2-EOR, CO2-to-materials) and nature based…

Green hydrogen: can electrolysers run off renewables?

Can electrolysers run off renewables?

…15-page note reviews past projects and technical papers. 5-10% pa degradation rates would raise green hydrogen costs by $1/kg. Avoiding degradation justifies higher capex, especially on power-electronics and even batteries?…

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