Nickel production: the economics?

producing battery-grade nickel

…model. Further research. Our latest commentary on the economics of producing battery-grade nickel is linked here. The screen on leading nickel producers is linked here. For an overview on global nickel

Global nickel production by company?

Nickel mining companies overview

…position, cash flow, concentration in nickel, and underlying asset exposure. CO2 intensity varies by a very wide 10x margin, from sub-10 tons/ton nickel to 100 tons/ton. The global nickel market…

Nickel solutions: unblocking a battery bottleneck?

Nickel upside energy transition

…increase in prices. This 15-page note evaluates the nickel supply chain for electric vehicle battery cathodes. Deficits are looming, plus inflationary feedback loops, hence we end by screening nickel names….

Commodity prices: metals, materials and chemicals?

…their ten-year averages in 2022, as internationally traded prices rose sharply for nickel, rose modestly for aluminium and zinc, and remained high for copper (chart below). Base metal prices by…

Lithium ion batteries: breakdown of materials?

Lithium ion battery materials

…Added to cart This data-file disaggregates the materials used in lithium ion batteries and their costs. The breakdown covers 25 categories (e.g., lithium, nickel, graphite), across 10 different battery chemistries…

Metals and materials: strength and temperature resistance?

Metals and materials strength

This data-file aggregates information into the strength, temperature resistance, rigidity, costs and CO2 intensities of important structural metals and materials. It shows why nickel-based super-alloys are used in gas turbines…

Leading companies in super-alloys?

Leading companies in super-alloys

…turbine efficiency by as much as 5pp. More than half of these awardees are using AI methods and/or niobium alloying. The data-file does not include producers of nickel, a crucial…

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