Nickel production: the economics?

producing battery-grade nickel

…model. Further research. Our latest commentary on the economics of producing battery-grade nickel is linked here. The screen on leading nickel producers is linked here. For an overview on global nickel

Nickel producers: a screen of miners and refiners?

Nickel mining companies overview

This data-file captures the 2.4MTpa nickel market, broken down facility by facility, producer-by-producer. $499.00 – Purchase Checkout Added to cart 25 companies dominate the world’s nickel production, although the supply chain is…

Nickel solutions: unblocking a battery bottleneck?

Nickel upside energy transition

…increase in prices. This 15-page note evaluates the nickel supply chain for electric vehicle battery cathodes. Deficits are looming, plus inflationary feedback loops, hence we end by screening nickel names….

Lithium ion batteries: breakdown of materials?

Lithium ion batteries for EVs

…Added to cart This data-file disaggregates the materials used in lithium ion batteries and their costs. The breakdown covers 25 categories (e.g., lithium, nickel, graphite), across 10 different battery chemistries…

Electrowinning: costs and energy economics?

Electrowinning costs and energy economics

…consumption of 2-3 MWH/ton. Although this will vary metal by metal. $499.00 – Purchase Checkout Added to cart Electrowinning is used to purify metals, such as zinc, copper, tin, nickel, cobalt, magnesium,…

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