US gas transmission: by company and by pipeline?

Gas volumes transported in US gas pipelines as a function of their length in miles. Longer pipelines also transfer significantly more gas.

transmission line is Williams’s Transco, which carries c15% of the nation’s gas from the Gulf Coast to New York. The longest US gas transmission line is Berkshire Hathaway Energy’s Northern…

Power transmission: the economics?

…we have constructed into high-voltage transmission lines. We have also separately modeled the costs of HVDCs, for longer-distance transmission. For more details, please see our overview of power transmission.…

Fiber optic data transmission costs?

The costs of fiber optic data transmission run at $0.25/TB per 1,000km in order to earn a 10% IRR on constructing a link with $120 per meter capex costs. Capex…

HVDC transmission: leading companies?

Leading companies in HVDC

…market leaders in HVDC, based on 5,500 patents filed over the past decade. A dozen companies stand out, with c$40bn of combined revenues from power transmission projects, equipment and materials….

High voltage transmission cables: power parameters?

Losses of long distance power lines

This data-file aggregates technical parameters of high-voltage power lines,  especially the transmission losses of long distance power lines, including some of the largest and highest-voltage UHV AC and HV DC…

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