Cryogenic air separation: costs and energy economics?

…also interesting technologies to replace some cryogenic separations with lower-cost and less energy-consuming membrane technologies. Leading companies in cryogenic air separation are screened here, and include Linde (4,000 air separation…

Cryogenic air separation: company screen?

Industrial gas companies

Over $100bn pa of industrial gases and $5-6bn pa of cryogenic air separation plants are produced each year. This data-file is a screen of leading industrial gas companies and cryogenic

Density of gases: by pressure and temperature?

Density of gases

…efficiency of LNG transport. This can also help cryogenic air separation. Boiling Points of Different Gases According to the Clausius Clapeyron Relationship Density of CO2: strange properties? The Density of…

Hydrogen: overview and conclusions?

Hydrogen best opportunities?

…lost in transportation: our overview into hydrogen transport is here, covering cryogenic trucks, hydrogen pipelines, pipeline blending, ammonia and toluene. Is a hydrogen truck really comparable with a diesel truck?…

Pressure ratings: industrial and energy processes?

Pressures of industrial and energy processes

…to be higher. For example, moderate pressures of about 60-bar are routinely used in gas pipelines, methanol plants and in the cryogenic turbine compressors feeding cryogenic air separation plants or…

LNG transport: shipping economics?

LNG shipping costs

The purpose of this data-file is to model the economics of shipping large cryogenic cargoes, such as LNG carriers or even dual-purpose vessels that can carry both LNG and CO2….

Aspen Aerogels: insulation breakthrough?

Aspen aerogels technology challenges

…of $1bn of materials. Its products are aerogels, with thermal conductivities that are 30-80% below conventional insulators. Target markets include preventing thermal runaway in electric vehicle batteries and cryogenic industrial…

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