US gas transmission: by company and by pipeline?

transmission line is Williams’s Transco, which carries c15% of the nation’s gas from the Gulf Coast to New York. The longest US gas transmission line is Berkshire Hathaway Energy’s Northern…

HVDC transmission: leading companies?

Leading companies in HVDC

…market leaders in HVDC, based on 5,500 patents filed over the past decade. A dozen companies stand out, with c$40bn of combined revenues from power transmission projects, equipment and materials….

HVDC power transmission: the economics?

HVDC costs

…$499.00 – Purchase Checkout Added to cart HVDCs are increasingly important, as we see power transmission capex rising 4x in our roadmap to net zero. HVDC costs and round-trip efficiencies can also…

Power transmission: raising electrical potential?

HVDCs in energy transition

Electricity transmission matters in the energy transition, integrating dispersed renewables over long distances to reach growing demand centers. This 15-page note argues future transmission needs will favor large HVDCs, costing…

High voltage transmission cables: power parameters?

Losses of long distance power lines

This data-file aggregates technical parameters of high-voltage power lines,  especially the transmission losses of long distance power lines, including some of the largest and highest-voltage UHV AC and HV DC…

Power grids: opportunities in the energy transition?

power grid opportunities in the energy transition

…power transmission works is here. Operating data for high voltage transmission cables are here. Leading US transmission and distribution utilities are screened here. Leading companies in HVDCs are here. Offshore…

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