Power electronics: market size in energy transition?

power electronics market

…condensers, and other categories that matter in commercial and industrial power. Power electronics is a complex topic. To help decision-makers save time and quickly gain a good understanding, we have…

Power grids: opportunities in the energy transition?

power grid opportunities in the energy transition

This article summarizes our conclusions into power grids and power electronics, across all of Thunder Said Energy’s research. Where are the best power grid opportunities in the energy transition? Power

Eaton: breakdown of revenues by product category?

Eaton revenue breakdown

…energy systems. Eaton is increasingly focused on Power Electronics. Eaton’s revenue has shifted from 40% power-electronics in 2011-12 to 75% power-electronics in 2022 (chart below), especially after the company sold…

MOSFETs: energy use and power loss calculator?

…at low-medium voltage then using transformers to step up the power for transmission; or conversely using transformers to step down the voltage for manipulation via power electronics modules. https://thundersaidenergy.com/2021/08/19/transformers-rise-of-the-beasts/ https://thundersaidenergy.com/downloads/wind-turbine-generators-dfigs-or-rare-earth-magnets/…

SolarEdge: solar-electronics breakthrough?

solaredge electronics

…optimization and power-filtering using advanced electronics, to improve the longevity of solar and battery systems. Often this involves inverter/electronics technology replacing conventional/physical power-management equipment. The patent library scored relatively well…

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