Silicon carbide: production costs?

Silicon carbide production costs

This data-file captures silicon carbide production costs: spanning from materials grade SiC ($1,500/ton marginal cost, 5 tons/ton CO2 intensity) through to SiC wafers that are used in the electronics industry…

Semiconductors: conductivity calculations?

Semiconductor conductivity

…the conductivity of semiconductors, in spreadsheet format, from first principles, as a useful reference file for our broader modelling of semiconductors, from solar panels to electric vehicles. The basic formula…

MOSFETs: energy use and power loss calculator?

…digital switches made of semiconductor materials, which allow one circuit to control another. Our overview of semiconductors explains how a transistor works, from first principles, by depicting a bipolar junction…

Power-MOSFETs: leading companies?

Companies making power MOSFETs

…charted the company’s revenues, employee count, market share in MOSFETs, market share in SiC devices, market share in SiC materials, total estimated revenues from SiC and proportionate exposure to SiC….

Amprius: silicon anode technology review?

Amprius silicon anode technology

…substrate; coating the nano-wires with a first silicon layer; then coating the nano-wires with a second, differently shaped silicon layer). Manufacturing costs of Amprius’ silicon anode batteries can be guessed,…

Photovoltaic silicon: the economics?

Photovoltaic silicon costs

silicon metal, purified into polysilicon, upgraded into mono-crystalline poly-silicon and ultimately used in solar cells. We estimate silicon explains $0.1/W of the cost of a $0.3/W panel. There is no…

Vapor deposition: leading companies?

Leading vapor deposition companies by their revenue in 2023 and exposure to the PVD/CVD market.

…to make 70% of LEDs globally, but also for wide-bandgap semiconductors, such as SiC and GaN, the market leader is a publicly listed German specialist, with 70% market share. In…

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