Wind volatility: second by second output data?

Second by second volatility of wind power

…of solar power. We were hoping that the second-by-second volatility of wind power would be less volatile. However, if anything, wind power is more volatile than solar. Volatility events for…

UK grid volatility as renewables gain share?

UK grid volatility

…time Power prices are therefore becoming more volatile, reflecting the increasing volatility of the generation mix. For example, the chart below shows the average daily ‘range’ between the highest and…

Solar generation: minute by minute volatility?

Statistical information on the generation of Darlington Point solar plant in Australia. The daily averages, and standard deviations for day-by-day changes and 5min-by-5min changes.

…is a nice way to visualize volatility. Conclusions are similar to other data-files we have compiled into solar volatility. We see increasing value in backstopping volatility across global energy systems….

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