Solar volatility: second by second output data?

Second by second volatility of solar

…the power drops due to the sun setting. Then we aggregated all of the second-by-second volatility and power drops. The typical second-by-second volatility of solar power is surprisingly high, with…

Global electricity prices vs. CO2 intensities?

electricity prices vs CO2

This data-file compares electricity prices (in c/kWh) vs power grids’ CO2 intensities (in kg/kWh), country-by-country. Retail electricity prices average 11c/kWh globally, of which 50-60% is wholesale power generation, 25-35% is…

Thermal power plant: loss attribution?

Power plant loss attribution

This data-file is a simple loss attribution for a thermal power plant. For example, a typical coal-fired power plant might achieve a primary efficiency of 38%, converting thermal energy in…

Diesel power generation: levelized costs?

Levelized costs of diesel power generation

…oil products to the facility. Levelized costs of diesel power generation can be stress-tested in this economic model. $499.00 – Purchase Checkout Added to cart A diesel genset includes an engine, power

Power grids: down to the wire?

Power grid metals demand

…progress may lead to bottlenecks, then a boom? This 12-page note quantifies rising power grid metals demand, demand for circuit kilometers, and who benefits? $499.00 – Purchase Checkout Added to cart Power

Power grids: tenet?

Overview of power grids

…as clearly as possible. The fundamental of electrical power, including key units of measurement, are covered on pages 4-5, again introducing the key concepts from first principles. Conventional power turbines…

Sentient Energy: smart grid breakthrough?

Technology review for Sentient Energy

…includes our overview of how power grids work, overview of reactive power compensation, long-distance power transmission, transformers and how hot temperatures strain power grids. We think optimization of the power

Power plants: average capacity?

average capacity of power plants

…20% load factor. So “replacing” 1 typical coal plant with 1 grid connection requires c100 solar plants with c100 grid connections. This may impact the demand for power grids and…

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