ESP Optimisation Opportunities?

…of the world’s c1M oil wells. Opportunities to optimise: CO2 intensities can be lowered 25% by switching diesel-powered ESPs to natural gas, and theoretically by 100% by switching to renewables….

Gas-to-Power Project Economics

…interesting, as requisite power prices could be doubled if gas is marginalized as a ‘backup fuel’ to renewables; the model seems to support a role for gas in baseload generation….

US decarbonization: a model of CO2 prices

…while creating vast economic benefits and shifts in energy usage. The model calculates the incremental impacts on energy, oil, gas, coal, electricity, renewables, grid capacity, investment, jobs and industrial efficiency….

Patent Leaders in Energy

…10 technology-leaders”: in upstream, offshore, deep-water, shale, LNG, gas-marketing, downstream, chemicals, digital and renewables. In each case, we profile the leading company, its edge and the proximity of the competition….

Why the Thunder Said?

Energy transition is underway. Or more specifically, five energy transitions are underway at the same time. They include the rise of renewables, shale oil, digital technologies, environmental improvements and new…

Turbo-charge gas turbines: the economics?

…among the non-obvious technologies to gain greater share as grids become more saturated with renewables, in addition to CHPs, PCMs and fuel cells, per our prior research. All of these…