Hydrocarbon Energy Research

Hydrocarbons denote commodities that are extracted from the Earth, composed of carbon and hydrogen, refined, and then combusted for energy or converted into useful materials. Hydrocarbons currently supply over 80% of the world’s useful energy, evenly split across natural gas (methane), oil products and coal. A crucial objective in the energy transition is to maintain hydrocarbon supplies, economically, in order to prevent debilitating energy shortages, and to fuel the transition itself. Other crucial objectives are to reduce hydrocarbons’ CO2 intensity (Scope 1&2), shift to lower-carbon hydrocarbons (e.g., coal to gas switching), improve efficiency factors; and then abate all of the remaining CO2, including via pre-combustion CCS, post-combustion CCS and nature-based solutions. Opportunities in our recent hydrocarbon research are explored below.

Oil Research

Shale Research

Natural Gas Research

LNG Research

Downstream Research

Plastics and Polymers Research

Coal Research

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)